Prolotherapy: An Innovative Treatment That Can Heal Joints When Other Therapies Fail

By: Dr. Noel Peterson

dr. noel peterson, prolotherapy in portland oregon

My patients often ask,  “Since platelet rich plasma (PRP) Prolotherapy is the only treatment that has worked for my condition, why didn’t my doctor recommend it?” I believe that the primary reason is that the majority of doctors have never heard of Prolotherapy, and if they have, they simply do not understand the importance of treating ligaments. Prolotherapy injections heal by stimulating a wound repair cascade, which restarts your body’s innate repair mechanisms, and can result in permanent repair of damaged connective tissue.  Depending on your injury, the addition of platelet rich plasma or adult stem cells can add powerful regenerative healing properties to your Prolotherapy treatment.

Patricia was a perfect example of the effectiveness of PRP Prolotherapy as an alternative to invasive surgery.

For Patricia, just getting to her first visit was a challenge. She could not sit and had to lie down in the back of their SUV while her husband drove the 2-hours from Olympia. She had been in severe pain for over 12 months. As an emergency room physician, she already knew all her conventional medical options and did not want to undergo surgery. After 12 months of trying rest, medications, physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic, her pain was still making it extremely difficult to sit and drive the 5 minutes every morning and evening to and from her work, and her daily routine had dwindled down to just lying in bed when she reached home. Then a colleague told her about how I had treated his chronic back pain successfully with prolotherapy, and explained the importance of treating damaged ligaments. It made perfect sense to her, and she wondered why she had never heard of it.  She decided a painful car ride was worth it if this could be a potential solution for her, and she made it to the appointment.  After a thorough exam and review of her MRI and x-rays, my assessment was that her referred pain patterns and exam showed severe laxity of the iliolumbo and lumbosacral ligaments, which had destabilized her sacroiliac joints, and caused overstretching in her L5-S1 facet joints. She was in constant pain and had sciatic nerve impingement because her muscles had been recruited to stabilize her spine.

Read the full article at Oregon Regenerative Medicine to hear about her incredible results from PRP Prolotherapy and to find out why exactly Prolotherapy works when other treatments fail.

Dr. Noel Peterson is the Medical Director of the Center for Traditional Medicine P.C., and has practiced naturopathic medicine in Lake Oswego since 1978.  He specializes in natural and regenerative cellular medicine, including Prolotherapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), and Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine, which utilizes adipose derived stem cells, in Portland and Lake Oswego.  He is one of only three physicians certified in Prolotherapy in the Pacific Northwest and the only physician certified in Prolotherapy in Northern Oregon and Southwest Washington.




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