How to Heal Your Body in a Matter of Weeks: Same-Day Adult Stem Cell Procedure

By: Dr. Noel Peterson

dr. noel peterson, prolotherapy in portland oregon

Stem cell procedures are getting more coverage in mainstream media.  As a therapy that can help heal joint injuries and chronic pain in one short, same-day procedure, they can be a viable alternative to surgery that takes place right here in our Lake Oswego office.

The procedure we use has a high rate of success.  We derive the stem cells from adipose tissue, which has the highest concentration of adult mesenchymal stem cells (click here for more information on mesenchymal stem cells).  See our article on Oregon Regenerative Medicine detailing how we derive the optimal stem cells for healing, their role in repairing damage, and the injection process directly into your injured tissue that same day.

Adipose derived stem cells and regenerative injections

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