Does PRP repair knee OA? Another study says yes!

Another study adds to the evidence that prp repairs arthritis of the knee  By Terrance Manning II, ND At Oregon Regenerative Medicine, we see PRP repair arthritis of the knee everyday. Despite a wealth of published clinical evidence, many physicians remain skeptical of the efficacy of PRP. Studies prove that PRP is more effective treatment of knee arthritis than […]

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What is Heart Disease?

Your heart pumps 103,000 times per day. This is one of many reasons why you should start taking heart disease seriously Part 1: An Overview of heart disease By: Terrance Manning II, ND I’m sure that you’ve all heard that heart disease is a major problem in America and know that you should be keeping […]

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Happiness is the Key to Vibrant Health!

By: Dr. Dhai Barr Being happy is good for you. For years, researchers, psychologists, and doctors have told us of the connection between happiness and health. There is compelling research that looks at the negative health effects caused by stress and anger. Many studies show that various states of happiness can lower the stress related […]

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Avoiding Knee Replacement Surgery with PRP Injections

Researching options to avoid a costly knee surgery with a long recovery process is a worthy investment of time.  While it may seem like your options are limited, they aren’t.  A new article on Oregon Regenerative Medicine shows the findings from the Bioresearch Foundation of Milan, Italy, who studied and treated 93 patients with advancing osteoarthritis […]

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How to Heal Your Body in a Matter of Weeks: Same-Day Adult Stem Cell Procedure

By: Dr. Noel Peterson Stem cell procedures are getting more coverage in mainstream media.  As a therapy that can help heal joint injuries and chronic pain in one short, same-day procedure, they can be a viable alternative to surgery that takes place right here in our Lake Oswego office. The procedure we use has a high […]

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Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells, and How They Can Heal Joint Injuries

By: Dr. Noel Peterson An integral part of a powerful form of Regenerative Injection Therapy, Mesenchymal Stem Cells are self-renewing cells that can be isolated from a patients own adipose (fat) tissue,in a same day procedure.  Adipose-derived MSCs (AD-MSCs) have many advantages over other tissue sources. When combined with PRP, these cells exhibit several advantages for therapeutic […]

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How Freezing My Breast Saved My Breast from Cancer

Portland Book Signing for: They’re Mine and I’m Keeping Them A story of innovation, courage and triumph by: Alex Paul, Laura Ross Paul, and Peter Littrup, MD It is rare for a book to explore the depth and range of healing that Laura Ross Paul covers in her book They’re Mine and I’m Keeping Them. […]

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Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy as an Alternative to Joint Replacement Surgery: Are You the Right Candidate?

By: Dr. Noel Peterson Stem Cell Therapy, when combined with Platelet Rich Plasma, offers you the best alternative to hip and knee joint replacement. Most of our patients come to Oregon Regenerative Medicine facing joint surgery or replacement due to common tendon ligament and bone injuries, osteoarthritis, cartilage loss, and other degenerative conditions. The majority of […]

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Prolotherapy: An Innovative Treatment That Can Heal Joints When Other Therapies Fail

By: Dr. Noel Peterson My patients often ask,  “Since platelet rich plasma (PRP) Prolotherapy is the only treatment that has worked for my condition, why didn’t my doctor recommend it?” I believe that the primary reason is that the majority of doctors have never heard of Prolotherapy, and if they have, they simply do not […]

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Get Ready to Turn Back Time & Reveal Younger-Looking Skin

Peel Away Old Skin and Make Way for a Fresh New Complexion By: Dr. Dhai Barr Now that the kids are back in school, it’s the perfect opportunity to take some time for yourself.  Give your skin the TLC it needs by peeling away the damaging signs of summer on your skin. Autumn is the time […]

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