Erase Signs of Aging Naturally: Collagen Induction with the Dermapen

Why I do what I love to do! By: Dr. Dhai Barr When I became a naturopathic physician, it was an obvious choice to maintain the most natural skin care regime I could.  This was a way I could look and feel my greatest.  I found myself involved in exciting cutting edge technology, rejuvenating medicine […]

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Revolutionize your Diet: Turning Healthy Food Choices Into a Permanent Lifestyle Change

Part One: Food Labels A good portion of my time with patients revolves around one primary topic: food. Everyone wants to know what diet is best. The short version of my answer is: diets are not one size fits all. Tailoring a diet to a specific person entails taking many different things into account. Obviously […]

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GMOs, Labeling & Processed Foods: Separating Truth from Fiction

What’s in a label? By Dr. Dhai Barr From definitions to dyes to GMO labels, people need the facts to make the best nutritional choices. Here at the Center for Traditional Medicine we take good nutrition seriously. We know that good wholesome food is the foundation for our vitality, health and nourishment. Therefore it is […]

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Additional Research & Articles on Regenerative Medicine

The following are links to research and outside articles in the area of Regenerative Medicine

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ECZEMA : one of the world’s most common skin conditions.

A Naturopathic Approach to one of the world’s most common skin conditions. By Dr. Hilary Costello Holistic dermatology is an area of specialty within my medical practice and I see many patients, young and old, with various skin conditions. I spend a lot of my clinical time working with individuals to solve skin issues. Addressing the […]

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Allergies: Try these natural cures

by Dr. Vanessa Fritz Allergies are an overreaction of the immune system to an otherwise innocuous substance. This time of year, pollen is the usual culprit. Pollen allergies can cause numerous symptoms that vary from mild to debilitating. While allopathic treatment of allergies involves palliating symptoms, naturopathic treatment strives to find the cause and to […]

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Dr. Barr, My TMJ Pain is Gone!

When Karen, 42 years old, first came to see Dr. Dhai Barr in Lake Oswego she had been suffering from TMJ pain for over 10 years.  This pain had started while she was in grad school while dealing with the increased pressure of balancing her family and her studies.  Her dentist provided her with a […]

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Stay Fit with the Slow Burn Fitness Revolution

How can 30 minutes of exercise twice a week turn back your genetic clock, make new brain cells, save your heart, and prevent osteoarthritis? Noel Peterson, ND Of all the lifestyle factors affecting longevity, exercise continues to lead the pack. In fact, researchers with the Veterans Affairs recently completed a study of 15,860 men, and found […]

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Old Man Knees- A Testimonial to Prolotherapy

A 23-year-old is thankful to have his knees back I’m 23 years old. I saw Dr. Peterson for prolo about a year ago on the suggestion of my grandparents, both of which are very active and had had success with him treating their joints. For 9 or 10 years I had been experiencing knee problems. […]

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PRP: The Natural Facelift Filler

Dr. Dhai Barr  What can be more natural than your own blood cells?  At the Center, Dr. Peterson has been injecting PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma or Autologous Platelet Concentrates) to restore function in joints and ligaments since 2006. In 2009 Dr. Barr began using PRP facelifts to revive youth and vitality in the face, neck, […]

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