Like all medical practices, regenerative therapy is as much an art and skill as it is a science. We take every possible opportunity to sharpen our skills and minds in the practice of prolotherapy, trigger point therapy, chelation, BHRT and other regenerative procedures. Every patient is approached as a new and fresh opportunity for learning as well as healing.

Our staff is experienced and compassionate. We pride ourselves in providing courteous, efficient, and professional service to our clients. We understand that people in pain are under unique stress, and require exceptional care and support. That’s why our entire staff goes the extra mile for our patients.


 Noel headshot Portrait outdoors copy Dr. Dhai Barr
 Dr. Noel Peterson
Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Dhai Barr
Naturopathic Physician
dr-wood dr-manning
Dr. Ryan Wood
Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Terrance Manning
Naturopathic Physician


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