Dr. Terrance Manning

dr-manningDr. Terrance Manning II is the 2016-17 recipient of the internationally competitive and prestigious STAIR residency at Oregon Regenerative Medicine. This highly sought after residency places Dr. Manning under the supervision of two internationally renowned experts in regenerative orthopedic medicine: Dr. Noel Peterson, ND, DAAPM, and Dr. Rahule Desai, MD.

Dr. Manning received his Medical degree from the National College of Natural Medicine. In 2006, he received his Bachelor’s degree with honors in Biology from Western Oregon University. Dr. Manning focused on microbiological research and received an American Society for Microbiology Undergraduate Research Fellowship and trained in metagenomics at the Joint Genome Institute.

He received his Master’s degree from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM, where he studied the great works of western civilization to deepen his understanding of the philosophy and epistemology of science, ie. the investigation of the basis of knowledge and what distinguishes justified belief from opinion. When applied to the study of naturopathic medicine, he confirmed that the practice is evidence based, and inspired him to choose naturopathic over conventional medicine. He continues to use this training to critically assess the validity of medical literature and practice.

Dr. Manning was born and raised in Silverton, OR. He grew up focusing on disease prevention, taking his health into his own hands and trusting in the healing power of nature. As a child, his grandmother’s herbal folk remedies were often the first and only line of treatment he received.

Dr. Manning is eager to integrate both naturopathic and conventional medicine to reach the best outcome for each individual patient. He brings specialized clinical training in cardiopulmonary medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, men’s health, minor surgery, and mental health. He helps patients with acute illnesses, cardiovascular disease, allergies, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, chronic pain, joint pain, anxiety, fatigue, and many other conditions, and prescribes healthy alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and medications.

Dr. Manning is a founding member of the Association for Naturopathic Revitalization, and is committed to educating doctors and the public about the value, validity and scientific evidence for the naturopathic medical paradigm. In his personal time, Dr. Manning can be found backpacking with his wife, spending time with friends and family, relaxing in nature, meditating, or rooting for the Portland Timbers!

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