Coming Prepared: Understand the Risks of Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Risks of Adult Stem Cell Therapy:

The risks of complications of adipose tissue harvesting and stem cell infusion are very low.  Our surgical team will provide services in the most responsible, professional and diligent manner.  Even with the most established protocol, adequate technique, and careful administration, the medical team may encounter uncontrollable events. Possible risks include but are not limited to:

    • Pain, Bleeding, Itching, and/or Bruising
 at harvest and injection sites
    • Malaise
    • Low-grade fever
    • Hot flashes 
Vascular spasm or obstruction
    • Nerve or muscle injury
    • Allergic reaction
    • Dizziness
, Nausea
, Vomiting

Note: The treatments described here are considered experimental and have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.



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