Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine Testimonials

Testimonials from the Center for Traditional Medicine’s previous clients, ranging from Olympic athletes to firefighters to retirees, all with a range of injuries.  They can all now enjoy an active lifestyle free from chronic pain.

Dear Dr. Peterson,

You been a very significant influence on the health over the last 20 years, starting with finding that my digestive problems were due to low stomach acid. None of the G.I. specialist came up with anything. And the initial PRP prolotherapy back in 2009–what a difference, especially noticeable in the osteoarthritis of my thumbs and knees.

Now with the addition of stem cells to the mix, my foot and ankle has healed and I actually have realistic hope of being able to hike long distances again.

Thank you for your drive, intellect, capability, etc., etc., etc. that have brought you to this level of healing ability, gratefully,

Alp Goldsmith, Lake Oswego, OR


Knee injuries

Walking now with no pain!

Dr. Peterson- thank you so much for the prolotherapy-I feel great! I can bend my knees with no pain-squat with no pain-I am walking out with no pain!

Rachel Lewis, retired, Milwaukie Oregon

ACL injury

I was having pain in both knees and thought it was just part of growing old. After a 2nd acute hyperextension injury I was told I needed surgery. I saw Dr. Peterson and unlike the orthopedist who did a quick exam and ordered an MRI, Dr. Peterson examined my knees and figured out exactly where my problem areas were. After 3 PRP treatments, I have no pain and feel completely stable. I’m confident that my 35-year-old knees will be back to where they were when I was younger. My job as a firefighter is physically demanding and I was able to remain active throughout all of my treatments. Worth every penny! Is also way better than going under the knife! Thanks Dr. Peterson!

TD, firefighter, Portland Oregon


Bone on bone knee cartilage

34 years ago I had surgery to remove the cartilage in my knee. Gradually my activity became more and more limited and I used to plan my day around how much use I could get out of my knee. As years went by I could be on my knee for no more than 45 to 60 min. at a time and had to rest it for several hours to reduce the pain and swelling before resuming even the simplest physical activity. I began prolotherapy with Dr. Peterson about 18 months ago, and slowly began to see the difference in leg strength, the ability to work, and reduced wobbling and  swelling of 30+ years. Now I do the usual things that others may take for granted like walking, gardening, climbing a ladder, going up and down steps without pain. I will say that I’ve regained 75% to 80% of the use of my knees and I can enthusiastically encourage those who look at prolotherapy as a noninvasive procedure with proven results.

Paul Mumford, business analyst, Salem Oregon



Considerable stiffness and facial spasms on the left side of my face for 30 years. I read about prolotherapy in a book. Over 2-years, I’ve probably had 10 prolotherapy sessions in the TMJ, in my neck, and all down my spine. Miraculously this has healed the surgical damage I had to the nerve on the left side of my face, and I now have freedom from pain in ways no one could possibly understand. I even brought in my friend to see Dr. Peterson to repair both of his knee joints. His results were miraculous too.

JN, Beaverton Oregon


Sciatica and spinal stenosis

Since 2003 I’ve had intermittent sciatic pain from lumbar stenosis alongside of scoliosis. In 2008, two West Coast orthopedic surgeons offered to rebuild my spine but my friend Jean Lusk told me about her comparable medical situation resolved from PRP prolotherapy by Dr. Peterson Erie I agreed to 6 months treatment which lasted from February till July 2010. The conclusion is that I have achieved 80% success in relieving the pain. What I have gained has been just short of miraculous! My attending M.D. remarked that as an 75 year-old my progress was just short of a miracle!

R. Siebens, Rose Villa, Milwaulkie OR


Hip Injuries

Torn hip labrum in Olympic athlete

I’ve been extremely busy since returning to the United Kingdom and my water polo team. Tomorrow will be exactly one month since my first PRP prolotherapy and my hip is definitely improving-I am very pleased with the results so far. I do still have some pain, but is less than before therapy. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt at all. Unfortunately my untreated left hip is significantly worse, and I have been diagnosed with a labral tear based on the symptoms. I know that when I see the team Dr. he is going to pressure me into getting a steroid injection, like he did in the right hip, but I feel this is a bad idea for the long run because it will inhibit healing and also doesn’t solve the problem. I’ve played in competitions since the prolotherapy and didn’t feel my hip aching, but after 4 hard games both hips ached. I will be in Oregon in late December and I was hoping to get more prolotherapy on both hips in preparation for the Summer Olympics.

Best wishes,

Lisa Gibson, British Olympic Water Polo team


Torn hip cartilage

My name is Jene Denis, I’m 51 years old and have been an athlete all of my life. One day while running an 8-miler through the hills where live I felt my hip pop; man it hurt and I still had at least 4 miles to go. I thought my hip dislocated. I went to several doctors, most were top in their field and the diagnosis was ripped labrum cartilage in my hip, with degeneration of the cartilage and bone loss as well. The doctors were talking about hip replacement. At 51?

My Dr. here in Bend knew about Dr. Peterson’s success with hips and with each PRP injection the pain lessened and I was healing and I could not believe it. This year I skied and snowboard all winter.

Jene Denis, Bend OR

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